Highlights of Health Benefits
Potential Earnings
Death Benefit for you $10,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $10,000
Loss of Time Benefit 250.00 per week
1st day due to accident
8th day due to sickness
for a maximum of 26 weeks
Hospital-Medical each person Lifetime $1,000,000,000
Hospital & Physician (PPO Providers)
85% first $1,750 after deductible per person or $3,500 per family then
100% of balance
Non PPO 75% of balance
Deductible Amounts:
$350 per person per year
$1,050 maximum per family
Prescriptions pay 100% for Generic
80% for Non-Generic
We earnestly invite
all workers belonging
to our trade to come
forward, join our ranks
and help increase our numbers, until there
shall be no one
working at our trade
outside of our

International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers
Local Union 295
7320 South University
Little Rock, AR 72209





per hour

"Local Union 295"

Interest in union affiliation is at an all time high in Local 295. More and more electricians have decided that they want to be represented by the IBEW. This publication is designed to give you some basic Information on the benefits of Becoming a union electrician.

As a Journeyman Electrician, who is not currently a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 295, chances are You are not being paid or treated as you should be! Our information proves that the majority of the non-union contractors are paying their employees substandard wages and benefits.

Without the Union the only one that looks out for your future is you alone. Members of the IBEW all work together to have a better working environment, a better standard of living; and a better future for themselves and their families. You can be a part of this brotherhood.


Local Union 295 standard wages and benefits for Journeyman Electricians have
increased regularly and are as follows

Wages & Benefits Total package = $36.68 per hour

Wages on the Check = $24.69 per hour
(less 5.5% assessments)

Health Benefits / Hospital & Health = Full Family Coverage Paid by Employer

Retirement Benefits Local Annuity Fund = $4.00 per hour Paid by Employer

NEBF Pension = 3% of Gross Wages Paid by Employer